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Hi John, 

I have a 302.1 that is from around 1967 (it lists Balzac, Lost Illusions in the list of Giants in the back), and has the Fujita torchbearer on the spine.  The DJ is blank on the inverse, and doesn't have the lighter band on the top.  Hope this helps.

John Peterson
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 Fellow collectors,
 While prepping a book to offer on eBay, I noted a difference
 in the jacket.
 In the jacket Scott has in his array, there is a light
 colored band at the
 top.  The first I am looking at has no band, it is blue
 to the top of the
 jacket.  I have another first and it also has no band
 at the top.  I have
 two non-firsts and they both have the band at the top. 
 One of the
 non-firsts refers to 388 titles like the first, but with
 Collette.  I wonder
 if the non-banded jacket was only issued on the first ML
 edition and
 subsequent editions had no band.
 What do other collects have?
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