[ModLib] The Great Gulliver Debate

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Mon Sep 26 14:56:52 EDT 2016

The link below provides comparisons between Matt's odd Gulliver and
standard off-the-shelf #7 and #8 stock.

A couple additional notes:

- The diameter of the circle on a #7 type g jacket is 2" and on the #8
type g jacket it is 2 3/16".  Matt, can you measure the circle on the odd
Gulliver?  Providing one of either diameter, radius, circumference, or
area will suffice.

- The height of the inner box (the blue area) on the front cover of a 1948
Gulliver is 5" and the width is 3 5/8".  Matt, can you measure that also?

- I've not seen 250 titles listed on a #7 type g jacket; it is always 262
or 268 or whatever and then says to choose from.  Like it is an exact
number.  With the #8 type g jacket it changed to "Over 250" titles to
choose from.  Matt's jacket indicates the latter.  I'd be interested to
know if anyone has a #7 type g that says "Over 250."

This is debate day.  Here is the link, give an opinion:



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