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I acquired a stated first of this some time ago and logged the book and
jacket as being mismatches because Toledano indicates 170 titles on the
jacket is the first.  My copy had no total at the top of the inverse but
referred to 175 titles on the back panel of the jacket.  I presumed I have a

Checking Scott's Booknotes, I find the following:

First inverse DJ number:     [none but 170 titles in list]

First list entries:     BOOK: Hemingway, Sun Also Rises, but not
                                 Goethe, Faust  

                                DUST JACKET: Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, but
                                 Hemingway, Sun Also Rises  

First, I counted, twice, the titles on my jacket's inverse and found 171
titles.  If anyone is inclined to check their copy, the numbers in each
column are 45, 44, 40, and 42.

My copy meets the first list entries for both the book and the jacket shown
above and there is no total on the inverse, but the back panel refers to
175.  Does anyone have a copy that meets the jacket entries requirements
above with a reference to other than 175 titles on the back panel?

I am wondering if I in fact do not have a mismatch.

Barry, what do you think?  Did I miscount the number of titles?  Do I have a
first jacket?




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