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Regular contributor Bill Hornick reports the following about a buckram edition of Faulkner’s Sanctuary, 61.3. In his info, Copy A refers to a buckram he already had, and Copy B refers to a newly acquired one:

"Copy A has 380 pages and has the error-laden text of the original plates with the uncorrected text; it has no introduction like the Regular 61.3

"Copy B has 309 pages and is in the completely reset and corrected text; it also has no introduction like the Regular 61.3.
Copy B also has an author bio note at the end along with another paragraph explaining the corrections (done with Faulkner) and the reset text
from new plates. (These are the same two paragraphs that appeared with the issuance of 61.3; I have it in #11 but not in #10, the first binding for 61.3.)
Copy B also contains a Giants list (unlike Copy A) that includes G93, Parodies, dating it to 1965.

"So 61.3 exists in buckram style B1 in two distinctly different forms including content.”

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