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Thanks for posting this,  i have most of the first 22, but as mentioned by
others once the format of the covers changed the collecting seemed less
On Jul 10, 2016 7:48 AM, "John Wolansky" <johnwolansky at verizon.net> wrote:

> Excellent work.  I have the first 14 in what I think are firsts.  I stopped
> collecting because the change in format from translucent to opaque left me
> uncertain as the nature of firsts having seen later printing with the
> opaque
> jackets.  I can now confirm my holdings status and maybe continue with the
> collecting.
> John Wolansky
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> Bill Hornick and I have added the Modern Library Chronicles series to
> ModernLib. The ML Chronicles is a history series released between 2000 and
> 2011, although the paperback editions are still being printed by the ML (at
> least, some of them are).  Thanks to Scot for providing an editorial review
> of the material.  This feature is available here:
> http://modernlib.com/Identifiers/chronicles/mlChronicles.html
> Documenting this series started in 2006, as part of the Amenities of Modern
> Library Collecting site, when the series was still actively releasing new
> titles.  In that year I found a jacketed copy of Fussell's "Boys' Crusade"
> for a buck in a half price bookstore, and wondered what it was... both the
> jacket and the hardcover spines had a number listed along with a
> torchbearer.  I bought it, and (of course) the first thing I did was tell
> Scot about it.  Neither of us knew the ML had numbered anything after the
> classical era ended (in 1970, as far as releasing new titles in that era).
> jWol (John Wolansky) had a few of them, including at least one of the
> unusual initial jackets on the first titles.
> The Chronlicles project at Amenities was never completed, even after we
> merged ModernLib (nee Dogeared) and Amenities.  When we recently discussed
> adding 1990 and later material, this series was one of the candidates
> (since
> the work was already started). It turned out that Bill H. has an extensive
> collection of the Chronicles including HCs with DJs, the PBs, and BCEs. So
> it was decided to do the Chronicles series next (the ML Minis being the
> first).  After ten years it is finally complete!
> Additional "new" ML material will be added in the near future.
> ron
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