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John Wolansky johnwolansky at verizon.net
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Excellent work.  I have the first 14 in what I think are firsts.  I stopped
collecting because the change in format from translucent to opaque left me
uncertain as the nature of firsts having seen later printing with the opaque
jackets.  I can now confirm my holdings status and maybe continue with the
John Wolansky

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Bill Hornick and I have added the Modern Library Chronicles series to
ModernLib. The ML Chronicles is a history series released between 2000 and
2011, although the paperback editions are still being printed by the ML (at
least, some of them are).  Thanks to Scot for providing an editorial review
of the material.  This feature is available here:


Documenting this series started in 2006, as part of the Amenities of Modern
Library Collecting site, when the series was still actively releasing new
titles.  In that year I found a jacketed copy of Fussell's "Boys' Crusade"
for a buck in a half price bookstore, and wondered what it was... both the
jacket and the hardcover spines had a number listed along with a
torchbearer.  I bought it, and (of course) the first thing I did was tell
Scot about it.  Neither of us knew the ML had numbered anything after the
classical era ended (in 1970, as far as releasing new titles in that era).
jWol (John Wolansky) had a few of them, including at least one of the
unusual initial jackets on the first titles.

The Chronlicles project at Amenities was never completed, even after we
merged ModernLib (nee Dogeared) and Amenities.  When we recently discussed
adding 1990 and later material, this series was one of the candidates (since
the work was already started). It turned out that Bill H. has an extensive
collection of the Chronicles including HCs with DJs, the PBs, and BCEs. So
it was decided to do the Chronicles series next (the ML Minis being the
first).  After ten years it is finally complete!

Additional "new" ML material will be added in the near future.


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