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Greetings all and many thanks for all the responses. The bottom line for
me, as a bookstore owner, is that the volume is not particularly
collectible. I looked it up on abebooks and could only find one listing for
an MLCE edition, which was going for a fairly high price (can't remember
off hand what it was), so I wondered.

As an fyi for anyone who might want to know, this copy is in the original
style ("Ta" as per the link Ron provided), with a copyright date of 1950
(which I know doesn't tell me when this edition was printed necessarily).
Also on the copyright page is the sentence, "The material included in this
volume is taken from Temple Classics." On the back of the book is a short
description of the MLCE series ending with, "Included are works by:"
followed by a list of 64 authors.

If it of use to anyone, I'd be happy to scan and send a .jpg of the cover.
Just let me know.


On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:01 AM, robert watling <rewatlingjr at gmail.com>

> Dear Ron,
> Please know I meant not criticism. I just had one to offer. I am very
> grateful for all you and your compatriots have done in service to this
> group. I don't remember now what the criteria was for the Picasso. Mine is
> the one that is slightly larger I believe. I like the various art books
> from ML. I have the Rodin and Aubrey Beardsley volumes as well. I am fond
> of the Picasso because I also have the Picasso edition of Avant Garde
> Magazine which takes the ML edition a step further. I like that period of
> drawings by Picasso. Any way, thanks again. Great work all around.
> Robert.
> On 1/28/2016 10:43 AM, Ron Holl wrote:
>> Hi Robert,
>> That list was (and still is) incomplete, I probably should have noted
>> that.  After some work on it this morning, it is accurate through the end
>> of the assigned T#s.  T104 was the last numbered.  Barry numbered the 14
>> titles that followed from 105 through 118, and we'll use that same
>> assignment.  Those final fourteen should be listed in the next day or so.
>> This project is still at the beginning; there are no images or really much
>> information at all listed.  Yet.
>> The image for T76 came through fine, we'll use it for that title.  Thanks!
>> (The Picasso came in two different binding formats... check which one you
>> have, or maybe you already did.)
>> ron
>> Hi Folks,
>>> I find I only have four of these editions but one of them is not on the
>>> list: The Philosophy of Hegel. T76. Scan attached. I do have two regular
>>> paperbacks of which I am fond: Truman Capote and Pablo Picasso. I'm not
>>> as
>>> serious a collector as some. I just pick up what I like. I have enough
>>> now
>>> that I can be fairly picky about condition and DJ. Any way, hope this is
>>> a
>>> minor contribution. Thanks to all for all the hard work.
>>> Robert Watling
>>> Portland, Oregon
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