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Thu Jan 28 14:01:21 EST 2016

Dear Ron,
Please know I meant not criticism. I just had one to offer. I am very 
grateful for all you and your compatriots have done in service to this 
group. I don't remember now what the criteria was for the Picasso. Mine 
is the one that is slightly larger I believe. I like the various art 
books from ML. I have the Rodin and Aubrey Beardsley volumes as well. I 
am fond of the Picasso because I also have the Picasso edition of Avant 
Garde Magazine which takes the ML edition a step further. I like that 
period of drawings by Picasso. Any way, thanks again. Great work all around.


On 1/28/2016 10:43 AM, Ron Holl wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> That list was (and still is) incomplete, I probably should have noted
> that.  After some work on it this morning, it is accurate through the end
> of the assigned T#s.  T104 was the last numbered.  Barry numbered the 14
> titles that followed from 105 through 118, and we'll use that same
> assignment.  Those final fourteen should be listed in the next day or so.
> This project is still at the beginning; there are no images or really much
> information at all listed.  Yet.
> The image for T76 came through fine, we'll use it for that title.  Thanks!
> (The Picasso came in two different binding formats... check which one you
> have, or maybe you already did.)
> ron
>> Hi Folks,
>> I find I only have four of these editions but one of them is not on the
>> list: The Philosophy of Hegel. T76. Scan attached. I do have two regular
>> paperbacks of which I am fond: Truman Capote and Pablo Picasso. I'm not as
>> serious a collector as some. I just pick up what I like. I have enough now
>> that I can be fairly picky about condition and DJ. Any way, hope this is a
>> minor contribution. Thanks to all for all the hard work.
>> Robert Watling
>> Portland, Oregon
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