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Hi Jerry,

You didn't miss the MLCE page, it isn't published yet (as it is not
complete).  The project went dormant about a year ago.

I've known only one or two collectors that accumulate the MLCE in general.
 They are fairly common, and not considered collectable (except to those
that may collect them).  At some point, I'm not sure when, the series was
sold to McGraw-Hill.  So would an ML collector still acquire an MLCE
published by McGraw-Hill?  That is, of course, a personal collector

The MLCE commenced in 1950, and these were assigned the "T" prefix (there
are also G, P, and D prefixes in ML).  Starting in 1981, the T number was
dropped; perhaps that is when McGraw-Hill took over.  Up until the later
1960s the titles issued were the same as were available in the regular ML.
 Then some new titles started showing up, although some 'new' ones were
just subsets of what was in the regular ML (such as Austen's "Pride and
Prejudice" by itself).

There were, however, new titles added eventually.  So a collector desiring
all material in the 1917 - 1972 (or 1980 or 1985 or 1990) range may need
to consider some of the MLCE.  For example, T91 (Later Plays of Eugene
O'Neill) contains three plays not otherwise available (in the regular,
paperback, and giant formats):

- A Touch of the Poet
- Hughie
- A Moon for the Misbegotten

(*Note: the Plain Brown Wrapper three volume O'Neill set DOES contain
these, as well as every other O'Neill play in the ML, so having that set
obviates the need for T91.  However, most MLers do not collect the PBWs

I do collect the MLCE where the material is new, even when the T number
was gone.  I have Utopian Literature, Later Plays, Existentialism, &c. 
The early formats did have unique (small) images on the front, so to me
that makes them potentially collectable (the later ones were all common
format; only difference being color and title/author text).

The arrival of the MLCE did have an impact on the regular ML.  Many
regular titles received updates when that title was released in MLCE (like
new introductions or an updated bibliography).  You will see quite a few
MLs get new Toledano numbers at that time (like 110.3).

If you would like to see the work in progress, here are a couple of links.
 There are no MLCE images posted yet.



On Tue, January 26, 2016 8:01 pm, Jerry Karp wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I'm aware this is very much a newcomer's question, but a customer turned
> in to my bookstore a nice paperback copy of the Divine Comedy for store
> credit. It is a Modern Library College Edition, with the identifier T 7.
> I
> can't find any reference to this paperback College Edition set on our
> wonderful website. Is it hiding in plain sight right in front of me?
> Any and all advice appreciated.
> Greetings from northern California!
> Jerry
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