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Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 14:38:40 EST 2016

No where to shop in stores where I now live - haven't done anything in the last 5 years but pick up a few extra copies of titles I didn't need.  Vague reminders of being able to hunt for books in a dozen Half-Priced-Books stores in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
(former ML collector)

    On Friday, January 22, 2016 12:34 PM, Scot Kamins <kamins at modernlib.com> wrote:

 I was having breakfast this morning in the dining room. I like to eat facing the bookshelves where I have the majority of what’s left of my ML collection. 
My eyes fell on the Steppenwolf, fourth shelf down on the left in the picture. It’s a Taiwan knockoff. I remember the store where I bought it, on Mission Street in San Francisco. I remember the day, the store, the owner, how I spotted the book on the shelf (it’s oversized, and the first knockoff I had ever seen).  
A bunch of the other books on that shelf I got on eBay: I remember nothing about the purchases.
Buying on the Internet filled out my collection; buying in stores filled out my heart.

—       `\|||/                     Scot Kamins

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