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I have Parnassus On Wheels in an early binding signed by Christopher Morley. Actually I checked, binding 6, light green cloth. Says First Modern Library Edition 1931. Morley lived until 1957. Faded cloth cover, no dust jacket. hard to imagine anyone would fake that. Signature is pretty close to Google. I remember seeing a robert frost on ebay awhile back. hmmm...Robert Watling. 

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Dang. Forgot about the Fraud angle. Shpuld have mentioned that in my last email.
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Binding 13 was used in 1967 and 1968 per Toledano.  Maugham died in 1965 according to WikiPoop. I recently found a copy of the gospel according to St. Luke … signed, anyone interested? JWOL   From: modlib-bounces at thuban.owu.edu [mailto:modlib-bounces at thuban.owu.edu] On Behalf Of Bryan Tinkle
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Subject: [ModLib] Author's signature Hi all,  I hope someone may be able to help me.  I just picked up a binding 13 with dust jacket of Maugham's Of Human Bondage.  On the first page appears to be an inscription "To Bob, best of Luck, Somerset"  Does anyone have a copy of Maugham's signature to verify that this is indeed a signed copy? Appreciate any help. Bryan TinkleKnoxville, TN _______________________________________________
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