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A few year ago there was an eBay seller with a whole collection of ML "first editions" signed "by the authors."  Each signature was carefully forged in different ink and several had endearing inscriptions to probably mythical readers.  Like this one, several of the ML editions were published after the authors had died.

It is safe to assume that the person perpetrating this fraud -- who went to all the trouble to research the signatures -- knew the death dates of the authors. My guess is that the ML firsts, since they were cheaper than the original publisher's firsts, made the fraud more profitable and yet "first edition" made it more attractive to buyers who didn't think it through.

This sort of thing is what perpetrators get a special kick out of -- they get the buyer to suspend judgment and overlook obvious anomalies  in light of an amazing "opportunity."

It reminds me of the scam in which people received personalized letters seemingly from Ford Motor Company congratulating them, "A brand new 2016 Fusion model car will be delivered to your door. Just pay the $56.00 ownership transfer fee."  Sure enough, people paid the $56 and the mailman delivered to their door a small plastic Ford Fusion model car.

Ah, the human condition.

Best to all,

Bob Sanger

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Binding 13 was used in 1967 and 1968 per Toledano.  Maugham died in 1965 according to WikiPoop.

I recently found a copy of the gospel according to St. Luke ... signed, anyone interested?


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Hi all,  I hope someone may be able to help me.  I just picked up a binding 13 with dust jacket of Maugham's Of Human Bondage.
On the first page appears to be an inscription "To Bob, best of Luck, Somerset"
Does anyone have a copy of Maugham's signature to verify that this is indeed a signed copy?

Appreciate any help.

Bryan Tinkle
Knoxville, TN

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