[ModLib] Second Try: Faux Gatsby and ML Ripper

Roger Lathbury lathbury at gmu.edu
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As you can see from the message below, I tried to do people wanting a facsimile cover for the Modern Library Great Gatsby a favor by scanning (in four files, 2 for front, 2 for back) the jacket on my copy. Alas, the scans resulted in an e-mail so large that it was blocked ("Message body is too big: 10983068 bytes with a limit of 3000 KB). I don't know whether anyone is interested, but if you are, please send an e-mail to <lathbury at gmu.edu> and I will load the files so you can make yourself a facsimile of the 1934 Modern Library jacket for Gatsby. Details below. I scanned the reverse of the jacket too, since that seems to be of interest to this group.


Roger Lathbury

From: Roger Lathbury
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To: For collectors of Modern Library books
Subject: Faux Gatsby and ML Ripper

Dear Everyone:

If you want a facsimile, here are scans gratis of course from one of my copies of the ML Great Gatsby. You'll have to Photoshop it and assemble it yourselves-de-toning the spine if you wish and aligning the files or pasting prints, perhaps enlivening colors. I didn't do anything but make four scans au naturel.

I don't have an original dust wrap for The Maltese Falcon or I'd attach that, although I find the drawing on it execrable. However, it's an appropriate idea to put a facsimile on the Falcon because the bird itself, as Gutman to his dismay learns, is a phoney.


Roger Lathbury

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Somewhere along the line I ran into the website that offers that Gatsby facsimile jacket - they also had a Maltese Falcon jacket copied from a late 30's original. I think they were around $20.

On Nov 8, 2015, at 8:19 AM, John Wolansky <johnwolansky at verizon.net<mailto:johnwolansky at verizon.net>> wrote:

The add states it is a facsimile jacket.  A nice ML jacket was scanned and sized to the book being offered, or a photo of the ML jacket was somehow printed.  I have seen several facsimile jackets offered on eBay for non-ML books.  In fact, I have a copy of Caveat emptor.


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Subject: [ModLib] Faux Gatsby and ML Ripper

Hi all,

This auction on eBay just about gave me a heart attack yesterday - I thought I was

looking at a fine example of a first ML of Gatsby for a buy-it-now of $60:


Not clear if the ML jacket on this facsimile originally came with the reprinted book,

or if the bookseller added it. Rather strange combo in any case.

Also, you may have noticed that ML poet Francis Thompson (ML 38 "Complete Poems")

is getting attention as a Jack the Ripper suspect:


Which raises the interesting question: was anyone else published in the Modern

Library a criminal (or alleged criminal)? I think I heard that Herman Melville had

many carriage parking tickets.

John K.

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