[ModLib] Faux Gatsby and ML Ripper

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The add states it is a facsimile jacket.  A nice ML jacket was scanned and sized to the book being offered, or a photo of the ML jacket was somehow printed.  I have seen several facsimile jackets offered on eBay for non-ML books.  In fact, I have a copy of Caveat emptor.




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Hi all,


This auction on eBay just about gave me a heart attack yesterday - I thought I was 

looking at a fine example of a first ML of Gatsby for a buy-it-now of $60:


http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Great-Gatsby-by-F-Scott-Fitzgerald-First-Edition-Thus-Hardcover-/272038881582 <http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Great-Gatsby-by-F-Scott-Fitzgerald-First-Edition-Thus-Hardcover-/272038881582?hash=item3f56c7e92e:g:ImEAAOSwYHxWPVy8> 


Not clear if the ML jacket on this facsimile originally came with the reprinted book, 

or if the bookseller added it. Rather strange combo in any case.



Also, you may have noticed that ML poet Francis Thompson (ML 38 “Complete Poems”) 

is getting attention as a Jack the Ripper suspect:




Which raises the interesting question: was anyone else published in the Modern 

Library a criminal (or alleged criminal)? I think I heard that Herman Melville had

many carriage parking tickets.



John K.




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