[ModLib] PYLON #380 JACKET

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Mon Jul 27 12:13:34 EDT 2015

Hi John,

We don't have indicators for the Faulkner jackets (at least three
different styles), so I believe we entered which "style" of Faulkner
jacket was used.  Those Faulkner jackets have "j", "k", and "n" styles to
them.  Sort of.

This does mean that there is no way to indicate if both Faulkner and
non-Faulkner style jackets exist for a title.


On Mon, July 27, 2015 10:24 am, John Wolansky wrote:
> While checking on my copy of this title, I noted the Book Notes show this
> as an "n" Confirmed DJ back style.  My two copies have the "Specialized
> Falkner
> Backs".  Has anyone seen this title with anything other than a "Falkner
> Back"?  Anyone ever seen an "n"?


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