[ModLib] Interesting PBW Jacket (Plato)

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Thu Feb 26 09:43:45 EST 2015

Hi John,

A woodcut with an ISBN-13!  Plus a print run that shows this was the fifth

The PBWs and woodcuts I have looked at (quite limited, at around 20
copies) have the ISBN-10 on the copyright page.  Do these have the 10
digit retained, removed, or changed to ISBN-13?

When you say different book lists on the back flap, do you mean the inside
of the jacket rather than the flap?

Do you really have Plato's Republic in a PBW?  All I am aware of is:

Plato / Republic: Woodcut, Fall 1982
Plato / Works: PBW, Spring 1977

Does the Plato PBW have a book list?  I've never seen a PBW with a list.

There sure are a lot of interesting things here.

Also, I wonder if we should keep track of PBW/Woodcut titles with ISBN-13
and barcodes.  We could create p and q subtypes to track them.



On Thu, February 26, 2015 7:52 am, John Peterson wrote:
> I have this copy of Plato.  $15.50 price, designed endpapers.  I also
> have the same title in an earlier PBW, $7.95 price , blank endpapers.  The
> two books have slightly different booklists on back flap.  The only other
> difference of note is that the later copy has a print number on the verso
> of the title page  (98765).  The earlier PBW example does not.  I wonder
> if all PBWs with a bar code/13 digit ISBN have a print number (as do later
> ML's)?
> John Peterson
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> Don't have the time to look further at the moment, but at a glance, I
> found this copy of Roth's Goodbye Columbus on my shelf.  It has a 15Fp
> binding, endpaper, jacket configuration with a $13.50 original price. I
> have two copies in a 11Dm and an 13Fm configuration (slightly different
> dj's).  If it helps in your research, the copyright page is identical in
> all copies except for the last lines.  In the PBW there is code in the
> lower left corner B9876543210 that the older copies lack.  And, the last
> line in the older copies reads BENNETT CERF DONALD KLOPPER.  That line
> does not appear in the PBW. John
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> Subject: [ModLib] Interesting PBW Jacket
> Bill Hornick found a copy of a 1980s PBW (plain brown wrapper) ML in a
> type p jacket which has an ISBN-13 printed on the back.  Image of jacket
> back is attached.  The title is Shaw's Saint Joan, etc.
> The 13 character ISBN came about in 2007, I believe.  The jacket has no
> indication of the original 9 digit SBN present in the lower right corner
> of the standard PBW jacket back.  Instead this full ISBN13 with barcode is
>  there, along with, and above, the ISBN10 (preceded by "ISBN").
> Has anyone seen anything like this?  Fifteen to twenty years later the ML
>  prints a PBW jacket for a #15 binding?  Or was the "978" prefix
> available before 2007?  Bill will have more information later, such as
> what the binding looks like and if there is an ISBN13 (or anything else
> interesting) on the copyright page.
> ron

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