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John Peterson jpetersonlhi at frontier.com
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I have this copy of Plato.  $15.50 price, designed endpapers.  I also have 
the same title in an earlier PBW, $7.95 price , blank endpapers.  The two 
books have slightly different booklists on back flap.  The only other 
difference of note is that the later copy has a print number on the verso of 
the title page  (98765).  The earlier PBW example does not.  I wonder if all 
PBWs with a bar code/13 digit ISBN have a print number (as do later ML's)?

John Peterson

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Don't have the time to look further at the moment, but at a glance, I found
this copy of Roth's Goodbye Columbus on my shelf.  It has a 15Fp binding,
endpaper, jacket configuration with a $13.50 original price.
I have two copies in a 11Dm and an 13Fm configuration (slightly different
dj's).  If it helps in your research, the copyright page is identical in all
copies except for the last lines.  In the PBW there is code in the lower
left corner B9876543210 that the older copies lack.  And, the last line in
the older copies reads BENNETT CERF DONALD KLOPPER.  That line does not
appear in the PBW.
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Bill Hornick found a copy of a 1980s PBW (plain brown wrapper) ML in a type
p jacket which has an ISBN-13 printed on the back.  Image of jacket back is
attached.  The title is Shaw's Saint Joan, etc.

The 13 character ISBN came about in 2007, I believe.  The jacket has no
indication of the original 9 digit SBN present in the lower right corner of
the standard PBW jacket back.  Instead this full ISBN13 with barcode is
there, along with, and above, the ISBN10 (preceded by "ISBN").

Has anyone seen anything like this?  Fifteen to twenty years later the ML
prints a PBW jacket for a #15 binding?  Or was the "978" prefix available
before 2007?  Bill will have more information later, such as what the
binding looks like and if there is an ISBN13 (or anything else
interesting) on the copyright page.


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