[ModLib] Need Confirmation of Story Names in Latzko & Kipling

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I can confirm the content and order of the stories for both books.
For Latzko, it should be "A Hero's Death.
For Kipling, it should be "...Private Ortheris."
The content of 3.1 and 71.2 is the same.
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I need to confirm that the titles I have for the stories in Latzko’s Men In War and Kipling’s Soldiers Three are correct. I don’t have the books in my collection. Please let me know if the following is correct:

Latzko’s Men In War [088.1] — six stories

Off to War
Baptism of Fire
The Victor
My Comrade
Hero’s Death
Home Again

Kipling’s Soldiers Three  [003.1 or 071.2 — the content is the same in both as far as I know] — 14 stories

The incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney
The Three Musketeers
The Courting of Dinah Shadd
On Greenhow Hill
The Taking of Lungtungpen
The Daughter of theRegiment.
The Madness of Private Ortheri
The God from the Machine
Private Learoyd's Story
The Solid Muldoon
With the Main Guard
Black Jack
The Big Dunk draf’


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