[ModLib] Intro to Aristotle, 248.1

John Wolansky johnwolansky at verizon.net
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Whoops!  I started collecting in the fall of 1999.  I purchased this copy
10/22/1999 and without the benefit of Barry's dating key, I used my
judgement.  It should be fall 1947.

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Hi John,

Thanks, this is very helpful.  That first one you have listed as 1948, yet
the dating key indicates Fall 1947 for 329 titles.  Is your date correct?

329 titles is the season after 322, so that would indicate only the first
season had the characters.  And all your entries support the lack of these
characters throughout the 1950s.


On Fri, August 7, 2015 4:23 pm, John Wolansky wrote:
> I have three copies, none with "RIKI".   The particulars are:
> 248.1	329	1948	8Dh	1.25
> 248.1	347	1950	8Dh	1.25
> 248.1	388	1959	8Di	pc

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