[ModLib] Intro to Aristotle, 248.1

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Fri Aug 7 15:34:17 EDT 2015

We've noticed that Intro to Aristotle, 248.1, has two different jackets:
one with what appears to be the characters "RIKI" in the lower right of
the jacket front, and one without the characters.

Modernlib currently has the jacket with the characters present listed as
the only jacket for this title.  Our initial research showed that this
jacket was the later one, appearing in 1962.  All jackets without the
characters were 1961 and earlier.  Then Bill Hornick reported that his
first edition 248.1 has "RIKI" on the jacket!

We'd like more reports so we can get a better idea what is going on.  This
is the data we have so far:

Without "RIKI" on jacket:
Binding 8, type i jacket, $1.65 price, 379 titles, 1957
Binding 8, type i jacket, 380 titles, 1958
Binding 8, type i jacket, 403 titles, 1961
Binding 8, type i jacket, $1.95 price

With "RIKI" on jacket:
Binding 8, type h(4) jacket, $1.10 price, 322 titles, 1947
Binding 8, type i jacket, 408 titles, 1962
Binding 11, type i jacket, $2.45 price

If you can provide new data, we'd appreciate it.

Also: The first jacket for this title was listed as h(5).  The copy Bill
has is an h(4), and happens to be the later variation of h(4) which has
the "charge my account" selection removed.  We've updated the database.

Does anyone know what the reason is for "RIKI" being printed on the
jacket?  The editor/intro author is Richard McKeon, who could possibly
have gone by "Ricky" or "Riki" but that is a very long stretch.



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