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As Roger indicates, the original U.S. edition of Sons and Lovers was published by Mitchell Kennerley (1913). The plates and U.S. publishing rights were acquired by Thomas Seltzer (I believe in 1923) and subsequently by A. and C. Boni and Viking Press. As far as I know there were no significant changes other than new title pages and the addition of the Macy introduction, in ML printings made from these plates. The ML paid royalties of 8 cents a copy. 

Viking Press ordered a new typesetting of Sons and Lovers at the beginning of 1933. Subsequent ML printings were made from the new plates (ix, 491 pp.). The ML was offered a choice between increasing royalties to 10 cents a copy or contributing $250 toward the cost of the plates, and the ML opted for the latter. In 1937 Viking Press proposed transferring its rights to Lawrence's works to Random House, but the asking price was too high and RH declined. 

Beginning in 1962 the ML printed Sons and Lovers from a new typesetting (xix, 420 pp.) that the British publisher William Heinemann used for its Phoenix Edition of Lawrence's works. The ML photographed the Heinemann edition and printed by offset lithography. Subsequent ML printings in the 1978 reissue format and the 1986 reissue format with Alcorn woodcuts were also printed from these plates. 


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I know that Mitchell Kennerly first published Sons and Lovers in New York and that later Seltzer became Lawrence's publisher (at least by the time of Women in Love (1920). I suspect that the later Modern Library reflects the change of publisher from Kennerly to Seltzer. Kennerly may have sold the copyright to Seltzer. 

Lawrence's books appeared under a number of different imprints. B. W. Heubsch in New York put out The Rainbow, which appeared between Sons and Lovers and Women in Love.. 

Roger Lathbury 

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I have two copies of this title in the #2 binding. Neither, alas, has a DJ. One does not have the “first impression” statement on the verso of the title page, and on the page opposite the title page, invites the reader to mail in a request for a 40 page illustrated catalogue. The other copy, which I just purchased, does have the “first impression” statement, and, on the page opposite the title page, invites the reader to turn to the end of the volume for a complete list of titles in the ML. Only problem is, there is no catalogue in the back, but has the same 3 blank pages (after the text ends on p. 517) as in the later #2. I’m guessing that a true First has the catalogue, and my “First” (which promises a catalogue but doesn’t deliver) is a transitional copy . Can someone verify this? 

A further curiosity concerns the other text on the verso of the TP: The older copy says “COPYRIGHT, 1913, BY MITCHELL KENNERLEY/COPYRIGHT, 1922, BY BONI AND LIVERIGHT, INC./ First impression” 

I’m guessing that the later copy corrects several errors in the first statement? 

I’d appreciate any information about these changes, and whether I have a true First or not. 


John Peterson 
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