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I know that Mitchell Kennerly first published Sons and Lovers in New York and that later Seltzer became Lawrence's publisher (at least by the time of Women in Love (1920). I suspect that the later Modern Library reflects the change of publisher from Kennerly to Seltzer. Kennerly may have sold the copyright to Seltzer.

Lawrence's books appeared under a number of different imprints. B. W. Heubsch in New York put out The Rainbow, which appeared between Sons and Lovers and Women in Love..

Roger Lathbury

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I have two copies of this title in the #2 binding.  Neither, alas, has a DJ.  One does not have the "first impression" statement on the verso of the title page, and on the page opposite the title page, invites the reader to mail in a request for a 40 page illustrated catalogue.  The other copy, which I just purchased, does have the "first impression" statement, and, on the page opposite the title page, invites the reader to turn to the end of the volume for a complete list of titles in the ML.  Only problem is, there is no catalogue in the back, but has the same 3 blank pages (after the text ends on p. 517) as in the later #2.  I'm guessing that a true First has the catalogue, and my "First" (which promises a catalogue but doesn't deliver) is a transitional copy .  Can someone verify this?

A further curiosity concerns the other text on the verso of the TP: The older copy says  "COPYRIGHT, 1913, BY MITCHELL KENNERLEY/COPYRIGHT, 1922, BY BONI AND LIVERIGHT, INC./ First impression"

I'm guessing that the later copy corrects several errors in the first statement?

I'd appreciate any information about these changes, and whether I have a true First or not.


John Peterson
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