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John Krygier jbkrygier at owu.edu
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Hi all,

Info (below) on an exhibition of Everyman’s Library books at Boston College. 
The approach, pulling EL editions from across the Library collections, could 
easily be replicated with Modern Library (maybe it has!).

John Krygier

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> Date: November 15, 2014 at 5:39:58 AM EST
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> I am forwarding my correspondence and the reply on the Boston College exhibit. Their library holds the complete personal library of Graham Greene who owned several dozen EMLs.
> Terry
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>> From: Andrew Isidoro <andrew.isidoro at bc.edu>
>> Subject: RE: Everyman's Library exhibit
>> Date: November 14, 2014 9:34:25 AM EST
>> To: Terry Seymour <tseymour at ptd.net>
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>> Hello Mr. Seymour,
>> I have in fact heard of your impressive collection, and used your
>> "Printing History of Everyman's Library" heavily for the exhibit. I first
>> came across the Everyman's Library at a library book sale. I purchased a
>> few volumes not really knowing what they were, just enjoying the decorated
>> title pages. After doing some research on the EML, I realized what an
>> interesting series of books they were.
>> As you know, I work at the John J. Burns Library and was tasked with
>> coming up with an exhibit idea. After a quick search of the catalog, it
>> became clear that we had many volumes of EML throughout our collections.
>> The exhibit is in two cases. The first case displays a single volume from
>> nine of our collections, including the personal libraries of Rex Stout,
>> Peter Hebblethwaite, Flann O'Brien, Hillaire Belloc and Graham Greene. The
>> Burns also has the papers of Hilaire Belloc, and I found several folders
>> of correspondence between Dent and Mr. Belloc, dealing with royalties, and
>> publication of some of his works by Dent. There were also some invitation
>> and menus from the 50th anniversary dinner held at Stationers' Hall in
>> 1938.
>> The second case contains 15 volumes from the collection that show the
>> different styles and formats that EML had from 1906-1968.  Having looked
>> through your "Printing History" I don't believe that any of the books we
>> have are especially rare or unique. I did try to find as many different
>> examples of binding styles, so we have a nice variety in that respect.
>> I am attaching the exhibit checklist for your perusal. Please let me know
>> if you have any questions.
>> Andrew Isidoro
>> Burns Library Assistant
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>> Subject: Everyman's Library exhibit
>> Dear Andrew,
>> I was given your contact information by Paul Wright. I am most interested
>> in any information you can give me about your exhibit. I co-curated an
>> Everyman's Library exhibit at the University of North Carolina in 2008.
>> UNC, as you may know, holds the J M Dent publisher archives. I have what
>> is considered the finest EML collection in existence and have authored two
>> books on the subject.
>> We have a very active group of collectors who follow developments in the
>> EML field.
>> Thank you in advance for whatever information you can provide.
>> Terry Seymour

j   b   k r y g i e r

jbkrygier at owu.edu

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