[ModLib] Painting on the Jacket for Alcott

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Dear John K:

Did the dust jacket say who made that painting for Little Women? It evokes, for me, not so much the book as a cosmeticized Normal Rockwell, who is also a cosmeticized Norman Rockwell. I'd be curious to know the name of the artist. The placing and figures, the treatment of the light, and the expressions recall something I've seen (maybe it's a NR picture?). I cannot think whom.


Roger Lathbury

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Hi all,

It is not often that one finds ML leatherette in jackets in a bookstore - found two yesterday
(Zuleika @$9 and Camille @$12 - Spring '28 list) along with Snow's Red Star Over China ($9).
The Snow has 316 titles (not a first). I also have a Snow with 322 titles (so there were at least
three printings of this title).

Also, recently bought a copy of Little Women from ABE: $40 (which is as cheap as I have ever
seen one). See the attached photo.

Earlier in the week, at Half-Price-Books, a Giant buckram, Studs Lonigan, in VG condition ($7)
along with a half dozen nice #8 bindings in jackets, all titles missing from my collection, for
$5 each.

The Beerbohm Zuleika Dobson (in image) has a jacket with a fall 1927 list. Thus Scot can update
the Beerbohm jackets page (currently this jacket is listed as 1926).


John K.

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