[ModLib] A Few ML Finds

John Krygier jbkrygier at owu.edu
Fri May 16 09:10:41 EDT 2014

Hi all,

It is not often that one finds ML leatherette in jackets in a bookstore - found two yesterday
(Zuleika @$9 and Camille @$12 - Spring ’28 list) along with Snow’s Red Star Over China ($9). 
The Snow has 316 titles (not a first). I also have a Snow with 322 titles (so there were at least
three printings of this title).

Also, recently bought a copy of Little Women from ABE: $40 (which is as cheap as I have ever 
seen one). See the attached photo.

Earlier in the week, at Half-Price-Books, a Giant buckram, Studs Lonigan, in VG condition ($7)
along with a half dozen nice #8 bindings in jackets, all titles missing from my collection, for 
$5 each.

The Beerbohm Zuleika Dobson (in image) has a jacket with a fall 1927 list. Thus Scot can update 
the Beerbohm jackets page (currently this jacket is listed as 1926).


John K.

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