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DAVID FARRAGUT ROHDE davidfrohde at hughes.net
Sun Mar 16 17:20:53 EDT 2014

Good Afternoon

As a somewhat ML novice collector, I often run into issues but fortunately due to Henry's Guides, Scot's website and of course this additional outstanding avenue for knowledge are so very helpful.

I hope have not bypassed the area which addresses my current dilemma.  

Here is my confusion

REF Style 4

	I have editions with flexible leatherette material.  I realize the history of this material.  The material is certainly of lighter weight than of others.

	I also have editions of material that is of "thicker" material (if you will).

	And then I have Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge, Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac and Wilde's Salome, and other plays.  These are of material as  Styles 6 and 7.

	NOW, I know that the data available reflects Styles 4 and 4.5

	Is there a Style ID for each of these three different variations?

	At first I thought 4 was the leatherette and 4.5  was the harder material

	Then I purchased the three noted above that are 4.5 Transitional Bindings, I believe.

Hope I am explaining my concern sufficiently so that someone can come to my aid and help me.

Thanks very much for any help you might render

David Farragut Rohde

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