[ModLib] Whitman (097) title change

robert watling jr. rewatlingjr at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 11:50:45 EDT 2014

My copy of Poems is a style 3 binding, hence too early. My copy of Leaves  
is a Blumenthal, hence too late. Sorry. I also was not aware that Poems  
and Leaves of Grass were the same text. Thanks.

Robert Watling Jr.
Portland, Oregon

  On Thu, 13 Mar 2014 07:58:40 -0700, Gordon Barrick Neavill  
<neavill at wayne.edu> wrote:

> I'm trying to establish a firm date for the title change of 097 Whitman  
> from Poems to Leaves of Grass. The latest copy of Poems I've seen is  
> fall 1928.  The earliest printing I've seen of Leaves of Grass (with  
> Staloff's trees jacket) is spring 1931. However, 097 began to appear as  
> Leaves of Grass in ML lists in fall 1929, and my guess is that's when  
> the title change took place.  Does anyone have a 1929 copy of 097 Leaves  
> of Grass -- or a copy earlier than spring 1931?
> Thanks!
> Barry

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