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I am always disappointed  to learn of a fellow collector leaving the fold.
Especially one with such a comprehensive collection.


Please tell us about your collection efforts.  How long have you been
collecting?  What started you collecting ML?  How did you go about
collecting? To have collected such a comprehensive collection, I suspect you
started well before eBay became the rage.  Please share the secrets of your
success.  I am one volume short of a complete regular collection (I think,
but with the variations Scott continues to cook up, I am not certain) and I
have a complete Giant collection (reasonably sure).






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After considerable thought, I have decided to sell my Modern Library
collection. I have attached a listing of what is included, but it is
essentially a complete collection. In other words, every ML title from 1917
to 1970 has a DJ except for one book. The collection includes a complete set
of ML Giant firsts in first DJs, a complete paperback collection (all but
one are firsts), about 90 Boni and Liveright MLs in jackets (in varying
conditions), including a first in DJ of Strindberg's Married. Also, and the
biggest part of the collection, is an almost complete set of MLs in first
DJs from 1927 though 1970. 


At this point, I am not selling any individual items, but I am open to
offers for any of the four parts (B & L, Giants, paperbacks, regular series)
or the complete collection. Please note that shipping and insurance would be
extra. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Peter Chocheles

dchock7 at aol.com

504 885-4832 



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