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You can find a listing of Regular bindings #15 and #16 and Giant bindings #G8 and #G9 on the inverse of the dust jackets of bindings #16 and #G9 respectively.
These are the bindings that have the woodcut images on the dj cover.  A listing of these woodcuts is available at http://scribblemonger.com/mla/ML Woodcuts.htm.

Be aware that Regular #17 and Giant #G10 titles can have many varieties of dust jackets and content.  Some of the first-edition dust jackets were in print only a few months.  Some also exist in true Book Club editions.  Be prepared to be overwhelmed.  By the way, Regular style #18 and Giant #G11 now exist.  Plus there are several unique bindings in the Giants.
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Hi folks.  I have enjoyed lurking and reading the various posts on this list over the past couple of years.  I am curious if any of you collect other publications such as Everyman's Library or the American Library?  

And while Scott's website is absolutely awesome, some of my collection has grown to include Faux 80s and now the photo greys of the 90s and 2000s.  Is there a listing of which titles came in each of those?  I can extrapolate the photo bindings of the 90s from the dust jackets, but the faux bindings didn't have the listings that I have seen.  

Personally my preference has been to collect as many #8s as possible, but I will pick up other bindings as I find them reasonably priced.  I think now I have at least one of everything from #4 to current publications.

Currently I am trying to figure out how to retire early so I can spend all my time reading all these books.


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