[ModLib] Possible new variation on 224.1 uncovered

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The spring 1952 first printing lacks the list of authoritative editions and selective bibliography lists 16 titles. 

Another variant is that by fall 1958 the jacket was being printed on coated white paper. 

The earliest printing I've seen with the list of authoritative editions and the expanded selected bibliography is fall 1966. The reset title page drops the hyphen from Eighteenth-Century, and the book is printed by offset lithography instead of letterpress. 


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Bill Hornick reports a variation on 18th Century Plays (224.1). 

He has several copies of this title. His latest addition in a binding 11 shows a List of Authoritative Editions on page xxi to xxii plus Selected Bibliography on page xxii to xxiv. I have this printing in the same binding. 

I need verification that earlier printings lack the List of Authoritative Editions and contain a short list of only 16 titles in the bibliography near the end of the introduction. Dates would be very helpful. 


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