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John Wolansky johnwolansky at verizon.net
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I started the project re: silver vs. gold lettering on G bindings but got
sidetracked.  I will get back to you on that soon.

Meanwhile, as I am inventorying my books, I noted jackets printed with 388
titles may include or exclude Colette, Six Novels, #251, depending on
whether the jacket is from fall 1959 or spring 1960.  That is from Gordon's
Dating Key.  I have two copies of the World's Great Opera's, #302, with 388
titles jackets.  The copy stating FMLE excludes Colette and the other copy
without the FMLE plug has Colette.

Can we conclude the jacket without Colette is the correct 1st edition jacket
from fall 1988 and would it be helpful to include that information in your


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