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Nobody answered Chad on this one. I'd be interested in knowing this as well. 

Anybody have anything?

On Jun 7, 2014, at 10:44 PM, Chad Bernu wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> So, today I got myself a G64.1 Moby Dick stated "First Modern Library Giant Edition 1944" with a DJ listing 299 titles. The thing is, it's in a G4 binding with SILVER gilt - I've attached a photo. My question is: has anyone else seen silver gilt on any other G4 binding? Or, was it maybe aesthetics - the book is bound in ocean blue boards, with a sky-blue top stain and bands, and "white" gilt - maybe for the "White Whale"? Or, have I just been spending too much time looking at it?
> As a side note on silver gilding on the G3 bindings: I've narrowed it down to G24.1, G25.1, or G26.1 as being the last Giant first issued in a gold gilt G3 binding. Does this sound about right? Can anyone narrow it down further?
> Thanks,
> Chad Bernu
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