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I'm not a Modern Library collector as others on this list are, but from time to time I do see Modern Library books in bookstore visits. Most are run-of-the-mill ("ruin of the miill") items not worth describing or bothering anyone about, but this morning I came upon a volume that seemed as though it might be a little better than usual. I thought I'd list it and offer it to anyone who wants it and says he is willing to pay the price plus postage.

It's The Way of All Flesh in balloon cloth (forget color, maybe brown) in a dust jacket. The spine is sunned or darkened and the jacket is not in perfect shape-a few chips and frays but otherwise all right. The back lists 257 titles in the Modern Library. The book seems to have cost 95¢. The store wants $5.00 for it, and I guess it would cost a couple of dollars ($3?) to send it Media Mail.

I pass by the store once a week or so and am willing to pass it on to the first person who says he or she wants it. If nobody does, then nobody does, and I'm sorry to have bothered everyone.

Best wishes,

Roger Lathbury

Alexandria, VA 2232-4533

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John Ireland

>>> Scot Kamins <kamins at modernlib.com> 06/05/14 6:12 PM >>>
Bill Hornick submitted a new DJ for Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge (dated Fall of 1947). It differs from the one on the website currently dated 1948-1966 in the blue coloring of the buildings. (The one dated 1948-1966 has white buildings.)


This brings into question all the dates for the  1948-1966 one. So I'm asking everybody to look at his/her copy of this title in blumenthal bindings (the 7.25" tall ones) and to report the DJ dates. I'm looking for ALL copies dated 1939 - 1967.

Thanks much,

Scot Kamins
This too will pass.

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