[ModLib] Dating of Casterbridge DJs

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I have two copies with 393 titles referred to on the inverse.  Both have
white buildings.




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Bill Hornick submitted a new DJ for Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge (dated
Fall of 1947). It differs from the one on the website currently dated
1948-1966 in the blue coloring of the buildings. (The one dated 1948-1966
has white buildings.) 




This brings into question all the dates for the  1948-1966 one. So I'm
asking everybody to look at his/her copy of this title in blumenthal
bindings (the 7.25" tall ones) and to report the DJ dates. I'm looking for
ALL copies dated 1939 - 1967.


Thanks much,


Scot Kamins


This too will pass.




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