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I have both spine #12 and spine #13 of The Works of Plato.

Both have identical dust jackets (spine title in black, Fujita logo at bottom; cover title with The Works of in green; Plato in black). DJ backstyle n; the only difference is that spine #13  does not have "457 Madison Avenue" in the address at the bottom.
Colors of brown are identical on the DJs' spines and covers.

Spine #12 has the style #11 logo (not Fujita) and the embossed ml and border. It is a light maroon.
It has Kent endpapers.

Spine #13 has the Fujita logo and silver lettering and the embossed ml and border.  It is dark maroon.
The endpapers are blank.

I hope this helps / contributes to the data base.

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I have two copies of The Works of Plato with the Fujita dj with the front panel in brown with lettering in green and black. The first has spine 12 and Kent endpapers in tan, with a late version of the Kent torchbearer with a short flame on the title page. The second has spine 13, plain white endpapers, and a title page with the Fujita torchbearer enclosed in a frame.

Both of my jackets have spine panels in light greenish blue with the Fujita torchbearer (long flame trailing over the runner's head).

I've always wondered if the color of the spine panels was original or the result of fading.  One is more bluish green than greenish blue.  Does anyone have a jacket with the spine panel in the strong green of the front panel of the dj or the brown of the front panel?


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Once again, I would like to that you all for helping collectors identify issues that we have.

I am hoping that after I enumerate what I have, the answer will become obvious as to what exactly it is that I have.

THE WORKS OF PLATO - Selected and Edited by Irwin Edman  (HT No. 181.1)

	The Binding:  12, with ml blind stamped on cover
	The End-papers:  D  (Henry's notation:  Kent end-papers for bindings 6,6,7,8,9,10,11  11.  Don't know if the 2nd "11" is an error or should be "12"

	Henry cites that end-papers for Binding 12 are Fujita.

	Am I missing something?  For it seems that the end-papers for my edition should be Fujita, vice Kent.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

And of course if I am missing something, please let me know and I will document it so that I don't ask the same question again.

The Best to you all


David Farragut Rohde

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