[ModLib] What should 1st number for Butterfield 8 be?

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I list it as the last title published in fall 1961 , but it clearly came out very late in the year.  The list of titles at the end of the volume and inside the jacket are fall 1961 lists.   Butterfield 8  was listed in P ublishers Weekly's   "Weekly Record" of newly published books  in the issue of January 1, 1962. 

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Collector Craig Stoyle notes the following: 

'  O'Hara - BUtterfield 8.  Your info states:  " Butterfield 8  first appeared in the regular Modern Library series in the fall of 1962," and,  " Butterfield 8  has a Modern Library number of 323, a number not assigned to any issue until 1962. The title appears in no Modern Library catalog or list of active titles previous to fall of 1962,"  and "Dates in print: 1962 [Fall] - 1970," but also states "First inverse DJ number: 403," which is fall, 1961.  Butterfield is one of the unstated firsts.  Toledano also lists it as 1962.  My copy has fall 1961 catalogs back of book & verso of jacket (Mailer, not Hersey).  Appears first should be 1961.  ' 

Something is off, I guess. Who has an early BUtterfield 8? What's your inverse DJ number?  

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