[ModLib] 28.1 Buckram

Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 16:26:25 EDT 2014

I have noted two buckram bound styles of G28.1:
1.  Green, black spine contrast with no oval or torchbearer.  See pic 
below captured from the internet.
2.  Brown, burgundy spine contrast with all the usual attributes of the 
BG1(d), dated Spring 1964 by the list of Giants catalog at rear of 
text.  See other pic from my shelves.
I cannot give an educated guess at this time concerning the cause of 
variation #1, although has been the only instance I have seen a lack of 
oval, torchbearer and contrast (together) on any buckram giant binding.  
However, I do not have every buckram yet and they continue to turn up.


On 7/12/2014 2:20 PM, Scot Kamins wrote:
> Folks,
> Bill Hornick asked me to ask you all about the torchbearer logo in the 
> oval on the spine of the Buckram G28.1, Carroll's Complete Works. Does 
> your copy have the logo or is it missing?
> Remember: This is about the BUCKRAM edition.
> Thanks.
> On Jul 12, 2014, at 11:20 AM, Bill Hornick wrote:
>> Scot,
>> I noted on the Change Log that it was John Wolansky who first 
>> reported the existence of Carroll's Complete Works, G28.1, in 
>> Buckram.  I contacted him to see if his copy also lacked the 
>> torchbearer logo in the oval on the spine.  He said that he never 
>> bought the reported copy because it was either ex-library or in poor 
>> condition. He does not recall if it had a spine logo or not but is 
>> curious to learn if my copy is an error common to all the printings 
>> of the title.  He suggested that I ask you to ask the ML Community to 
>> report whether or not the logo exists on the book's spine of the copy 
>> held by any collector.  How about it?
>> Bill
> Scot Kamins
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