[ModLib] 1990's bindings with Movie or TV tie-ins

John Peterson jpetersonlhi at frontier.com
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One fun side interest with collecting #17 and G10  MLs is the increased number of titles that are available with TV or Movie Tie-in DJs.  I have 8 of these, including:
Gulliver’s Travels, Joe Gould’s Secret, Moll Flanders, Possession, Jane Eyre, Middlemarch, Far From the Madding Crowd, Tom Jones, and a 9th, Cider House Rules, with a picture from the movie on the cover, but no mention of the movie.  Anyone know of others? 

John Peterson 

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In response to Brian, I do collect the style 17 and G10 volumes to an extent - not a completist by any stretch and generally only titles that are interesting to me (unless in good condition and really cheap, which does sometimes happen).  I find the books in the uniform jackets appealing.  Still, there are some great titles in the series - Vidal's Empire series as you noted (there aren't a lot of copies of Burr out there I found).  

I don't care for the more recent editions however - aesthetically I don't find them appealing and the titles seem more scattershot/experimental for my taste.  Just my impression though.

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