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The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln was published unusually early in 1942 -- February 12, 1942 -- since Cerf wanted to publish it on Lincoln's birthday.  The next Giant, Sixteen Famous American Plays, was published in March 1942 and has a spring 1942 list.


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The DJ on my first edition matches the description of your first edition copy. 

> On Jul 10, 2014, at 12:37 PM, "Ron Holl" <ron at scribblemonger.com> wrote:
> The book note for G59.1, Hemingway's Short Stories, indicates a first
> jacket type of Gc, and a first inverse DJ number of 281 (Spring 1942).  My
> question to the ML community: does anyone have G59.1 with a Gc jacket?  I
> suspect this may be incorrect for the following reasons.
> 1. I have a first edition of G59.1, 281 titles inside the jacket, Gd
> jacket.  The back jacket flap states 284 titles.
> 2. I've seen one other first edition G59.1, it also was in a Gd jacket
> with 281 titles inside and 284 on the back jacket flap.
> 3. The Gd jacket type first starting being used in 1942, the issue date
> for G59.1.
> 4. The only other 1942 giant release (out of a total of 4) to indicate a
> Gc jacket is Lincoln G20.2.  However, the first jacket number for G20.2 is
> 278 (Fall 1941).  Thus I can see why the first jacket for G20.2 would have
> a Gc back: because it was printed early enough to still have the Fall 1941
> list and the Gc format.
> Thanks.
> ron
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