[ModLib] Hemingway G59.1

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Thu Jul 10 13:37:38 EDT 2014

The book note for G59.1, Hemingway's Short Stories, indicates a first
jacket type of Gc, and a first inverse DJ number of 281 (Spring 1942).  My
question to the ML community: does anyone have G59.1 with a Gc jacket?  I
suspect this may be incorrect for the following reasons.

1. I have a first edition of G59.1, 281 titles inside the jacket, Gd
jacket.  The back jacket flap states 284 titles.

2. I've seen one other first edition G59.1, it also was in a Gd jacket
with 281 titles inside and 284 on the back jacket flap.

3. The Gd jacket type first starting being used in 1942, the issue date
for G59.1.

4. The only other 1942 giant release (out of a total of 4) to indicate a
Gc jacket is Lincoln G20.2.  However, the first jacket number for G20.2 is
278 (Fall 1941).  Thus I can see why the first jacket for G20.2 would have
a Gc back: because it was printed early enough to still have the Fall 1941
list and the Gc format.



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