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First, my apologies for the delay in responding to your inquiry.  I hope that the following details are helpful.
Style 15
Dates:    1977-80
ID:          Maroon paper-covered boards, Fujita-type logo embossed on upper right book cover, title/author in gilt at spine top
Endpapers: F (blank)
DJ cover: Typographical title/author with line border and Fujita-type logo on tan paper
DJ inverse: Blank
DJ back:    p  (blank except for ISBN in lower right)
Notes:    Alice B. Toklas is a new title in this style.

Style 16
Dates: 1980-85
ID:    Maroon paper-covered boards, Bernhard-type logo in black centered on book cover, title/author in gilt at spine top
Endpapers: G (cover logo repeated to fill endpapers)
DJ cover:    Black Alcorn pictorial woodcuts on tan paper
DJ spine: horizontal or vertical title/author
DJ inverse:  title list (include styles 15, 16, G8, G9)
DJ back:    q (paragraph on Modern Library)
Notes: There are 29 titles, some of them new.

Style 17
Dates: 1992-2009(?)
ID:    Grey cloth-covered boards, Bernhard logo embossed on cover center, title/author in gilt on spine
Endpapers: C
DJ cover: Style 1 - Vertical author photo, painting or other; title/author, sometimes other credits
                Style 2 - Horizontal author photo, painting or other; title/author, sometimes other credits
                Style 3 - Horizontal movie, TV photo or illustration or a completely different design even for previous printings of same title
DJ inverse: Blank on earliest printings (1992- c. 1994), title list including Giants for later printings even of same title (c. 1994-2009)DJ 
DJ back: r (without and with bar codes; usually excerpts from reviews, varieties in number of excerpts
Notes: Some DJs were changed after only a few months; some first editions have first-state and second-state DJs often changing from
            horizontal title/author to vertical title/author and adding other credits.
            There are many new titles in this series; many titles have content varieties such as different introductions; there are three different
            varieties of Joe Gould.
            There are three titles that have an unusually wide width.
            Many titles had only a first printing and some titles are really difficult to find; some early DJs are also difficult to find.  A few titles consistently sell
            for over $100.

Style: 18
Dates: 2009-date
ID:     Quarter cloth with wheat cloth and beige-colored paper over boards; gilt or colored-ink title/author on spine; embossed Berhard logo on cover
Endpapers: C
DJ cover: Style 2 or 3 from the style 17 bindings or completely new DJs
DJ inverse: blank or title list including Giants of styles 17, 18, G10, G11 and others
DJ back: no letter yet assigned but there seem to be three categories: 1) photos of author, 2) excerpts of reviews, 3) ML blurbs
Note: Style 18 has both reprints of earlier titles and new titles or new varieties of previous titles, especially the commemorative editions


Style G8 
Dates:    1977-80
ID: Same as Regular 15
Endpapers:    GA (blank)
DJ cover: Same as Regular 15 (Moby Dick is the exception)
DJ inverse:    blank
DJ back:     Gk (same as Regular 15)
Notes: New titles include The Raymond Chandler Omnibus and a three-volume set of O'Neill's plays.

Style G9
Dates: 1980-85
ID: Same as Regular style 16 
Endpapers: GG (same as Regular 16)
DJ cover: Same as Regular style 16 but Huck Finn is an exception in style and size.
DJ inverse: Title list of Regular 15, 16, G8, G9
DJ back:    Gl (same as Regular 16)
Note:  There are eleven of these Giants; six are new titles.

Style G10
Dates:    1992-2009(?)
ID:        Same as Regular 17
Endpapers:     GD
DJ cover:     Style 1, 2 or 3 (same as Regular 17)
DJ inverse:     Blank or title list (same as Regular 17)
DJ back:     Gm (same as Regular 17 with all the varieties; e.g., there are four different DJs for Moby Dick)
Notes: There are ten Giants in this style that are the size of the three-volume Gibbon.  There are also several Book-Club editions in paper-covered boards
            and two titles that defy classification (the complete Shakespeare and the 75th Anniversary Candide.  Some of these varieties have cloth-covered 
            boards other than grey.  Many G10 titles have new introductions or other content that differs from previous editions of existing titles.  Many new titles in G10.

Style G11
Dates:    2009-date
ID: Same as Regular style 18
Endpapers:    GD
DJ cover:         G10 varieties or completely new style for the matched sets (e.g., Faulkner, Capote, Massie)
DJ inverse:       Title list of Regular 17, 18, G10, G11
DJ back:        Same three categories as Regular style 18

That's about as succinct as I can make it.  I did not include the Chronicles which exist in four different style and include several Book-Club editions.  I am constantly discovering new content and DJ varieties.  Credit must be shared with Darrell Johnson with whom I worked in identifying and classifying the 1990s (and beyond)hardbacks.

I hope this is not overwhelming.  Enjoy the hunt and the discovery.

All the best,
Bill Hornick

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I am wondering how everyone else refers to the more "Modern" of the Modern Library bindings.  I have learned a lot from the Toleando listing and Scott's website, but how do people refer to the bindings beyond #14?  I believe there are two distinct "faux 80's" bindings, or rater the same bindings, but distinct styles of dj?

Then there are the greyish cloth bound versions from the 1990s and 2000s with the authors' photos on the spines.  Does anyone collect these are are their sub categories?  Current volumes from around 2009 on seem to have no uniform look and have lost the "library" appeal.  I have a few of these just to have a representation.

While I respect Scott's lack of desire to include or collect anything past binding 14, I am curious how many of you out there do pick them up.  FWIW, I attempt to only pick up those with the photo covers that were not originally available in an earlier binding.  I am still looking for Gore Vidal's series as that is one of my favorite sets of books and I have them all in earlier Random House editions, but it would be great to move them to the Modern Library shelves..


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