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I have about a hundred of the grey backs.  I dont collect duplicates, except in the case of the illustrated so I dont get  extras.  I ve thought about setting up a system to track them as there are variations as well as different dust jackets.  for example; The Story of My Life, by Helen Keller is a grey back but has a picture cover whereas the Vidals previously mentioned have the grey cover.  The variations include author pictures on top or bottom, simple things like that, but items which ML Collectors have been known to tilt at windmills over.  In the last Toledano I have, there is a picture and discussion as well as enumerating and listing some of these.  In addition, the ML website has a list of the titles.  
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I do collect the #17 bindings—I have ca. 200 of them, including 3 Vidals (two of them, Hollywood & Burr, signed).  I usually don’t get #17s unless in near fine condition and first printing (and cheap).  The latest one I bought was Emerson’s Writings, with the erroneous DJ picture (featuring Ralph “Not Waldo” Emerson).  I have about 20 post-#17 ML titles, mostly books that I’ve had an interest in reading.
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I am wondering how everyone else refers to the more "Modern" of the Modern Library bindings.  I have learned a lot from the Toleando listing and Scott's website, but how do people refer to the bindings beyond #14?  I believe there are two distinct "faux 80's" bindings, or rater the same bindings, but distinct styles of dj? 
Then there are the greyish cloth bound versions from the 1990s and 2000s with the authors' photos on the spines.  Does anyone collect these are are their sub categories?  Current volumes from around 2009 on seem to have no uniform look and have lost the "library" appeal.  I have a few of these just to have a representation.
While I respect Scott's lack of desire to include or collect anything past binding 14, I am curious how many of you out there do pick them up.  FWIW, I attempt to only pick up those with the photo covers that were not originally available in an earlier binding.  I am still looking for Gore Vidal's series as that is one of my favorite sets of books and I have them all in earlier Random House editions, but it would be great to move them to the Modern Library shelves..

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