[ModLib] a question about terms..

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sat Jul 5 15:09:16 EDT 2014


Scot and I have been referring to the 1917 - 1974 period as 'classical'
and 1977 onward as 'post-classical'.  Sometimes you'll also see post-197x
(where x may be a 0, 1, 4, 7, &c).

The post-classical material is very very slowly being worked on.  The
Woodcuts (part of the faux 80s) already have a dedicated page with a
complete list and DJ images.  What we don't have yet is a 'gateway' from
ModernLib classical to the post-classical material.

The MLCEs are also being added, and those span both time periods.

Henry does not cover MLCE, but does go up to 2000.

I collect the post-classical titles similar to you, where I'll only pick
up a title if it is not represented in the classical period and is part of
the author photo on DJ series.  Or the Chronicles series.  I also consider
whether or not I'll ever read the book and if not, I might pass on it.


> I am wondering how everyone else refers to the more "Modern" of the Modern
> Library bindings.  I have learned a lot from the Toleando listing and
> Scott's website, but how do people refer to the bindings beyond #14?  I
> believe there are two distinct "faux 80's" bindings, or rater the same
> bindings, but distinct styles of dj?
> Then there are the greyish cloth bound versions from the 1990s and 2000s
> with the authors' photos on the spines.  Does anyone collect these are are
> their sub categories?  Current volumes from around 2009 on seem to have no
> uniform look and have lost the "library" appeal.  I have a few of these
> just to have a representation.
> While I respect Scott's lack of desire to include or collect anything past
> binding 14, I am curious how many of you out there do pick them up.  FWIW,
> I attempt to only pick up those with the photo covers that were not
> originally available in an earlier binding.  I am still looking for Gore
> Vidal's series as that is one of my favorite sets of books and I have them
> all in earlier Random House editions, but it would be great to move them
> to
> the Modern Library shelves..
> cheers
> Bryan

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