[ModLib] Usability test

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Wed Jan 29 19:16:18 EST 2014


I want to find out if an icon I've been using gets any use -- or in fact if people even know what it is, or have even noticed it. Here it is:


That symbol appears at the upper left of every Author page.

Please let me know (1) did you know it existed? (2) if so, do you know what it's for? (3) if so, have you ever clicked it? (4) If so, is it helpful? (5)  if so, do you still look there for info?

This is pretty important, so please let me know.  This is NOT to make me feel good, or even to feel bad -- it's a genuine usability test.

 EVERYBODY please!!!

To keep the list from getting clogged, reply ONLY to kamins at modernLib.com and NOT to the list.

Thanks, everybody.

Scot Kamins
This too will pass.

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