[ModLib] First printing of Divine Comedy 208.1 with 625 pages

Gordon Barrick Neavill neavill at wayne.edu
Sun Jan 26 13:52:14 EST 2014

The new 625-page typesetting of Dante's Divine Comedy, with genealogical tables added at the end and line drawings of Dante on the part-titles for Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradisio, and the genealogical tables, was used initially for the 1944 Illustrated Modern Library printing.  The new plates were first used for printings in the regular ML in spring 1945.


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I have a 208.1 ("The Divine Comedy" with no bibliography), 278 titles 
(fall 1941) with 601 pages. I also have a 208.1, 334 titles (fall 1948) 
with 625 pages. I want to find out the earliest printing of 208.1 with 
625 pages or conversely the last 208.1 with 601 pages. If members could 
report their 208.1 copies with number of titles and number of pages we 
might be able to track down the printing when the change was made.


V. Civiletti
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