[ModLib] Woodcut faux edition

Bryan Tinkle tinkinc85 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 10:07:05 EST 2014

Hello fellow collectors. I was wondering if anyone else collected the faux
binding editions from the 1980s with the woodcut dust jackets.
Specifically I am wondering if there exists a list of titles that were
printed like these.

For anyone collecting the 80s faux editions,  is there a Toleando binding
number for these?  My collection is about 90% binding #8, but I think I
have an example of every style

Just curious how others approach this hobby and how they got started.

My first volume was a #8 Plato's complete works.  That was over 400 books

Cheers,   Bryan Tinkle
Chattanooga,  TN
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