[ModLib] Collector Pages at ModernLib.com

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sun Jan 19 17:27:47 EST 2014

The Collector Pages at The Amenities of Modern Library Collecting are
back!  The Amenities site is being merged with the ModernLib site; some
material will be moved into the modernlib.com format, while the collector
interest components will stay with the old Amenities format.  The
collector part is now active, allowing each Modern Library collector to
create their own customized collector page.  This page describes your
collection properties and collecting focus, provides a space for pictures,
and lets you tell other collectors what you are reading and what your
favorite/least favorite ML titles are.

The recommended reading list has also been migrated and is available.

If you previously (several years ago) registered and configured a
collector page, your login is still valid and all information remains. 
You will find your page is a snapshot in time from 2006.  If you have not
registered, you can easily do so and configure your own collector page. 
The link for Amenities is http://modernlib.com/General/user/index.pl and
can also be accessed from the home page of modernlib.com.


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