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I believe that I was the one who reported (with a photocopy to Scot) the discovery of Wuthering Heights in spine #14.  When Scot saw the photocopy, he termed it "buckram-like" and noted it in the Confirmed Bindings. There is no reinforcing tape but the cover is somewhat rough in dark blue with light grey dots, looking very much like worn denim.  Scot may have kept the photocopies I sent.  If not, I can send another photocopy via regular mail since I have neither a scanner nor a camera phone.
The date on Scot's email is 3-23-11.  The book has a $3.95 price, an n dj back style and an ISBN on the lower right of the dj back.

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There was a report in the last couple years of Wuthering Heights in a #14
style, but the binding was buckram like.  We don't recall who made the
report, and need more information on it, such as in what ways was it
buckram like (and an image would be nice also).

If this was your finding, or know who did observe it, please let us know!


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