[ModLib] Wuthering Heights Odd Binding

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sat Jan 11 11:50:57 EST 2014

Hi Eric,

I have a #13 binding (mid 1970s printing) that I believe may be the
texture that report was referring to.  I didn't see the report come in,
and just noticed the footnote on the confirmed binding page recently.  I
suspected it might be the same as mine, which really isn't an 'odd'
binding, nor buckram.  I've always called it a denim look.

Attached is an image of the #13 denim and a real buckram.  Does the #13
compare to what you saw?


> Hi,
> I noticed just recently a couple of buckram-like #14s (or #15s) in a used
> book store. I didn't buy them and I don't recall the titles. The cloth was
> very course grained with a pattern of lighter colored dots as seen on a
> regular buckram. The appearance was so similar in fact, that I opened the
> books to check for the re-enforcing tape inside.
> I don't actively collect #14 bindings, but these were interesting, Maybe I
> need to take a second look, particularly if these constitute a well
> defined
> subset.
> --
> Eric Hanson
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