[ModLib] Bio in 339.1 in 14 binding?

Gordon Barrick Neavill neavill at wayne.edu
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My spine 14 is the same as Bill's. The first printing with spine 11 has a fall 1963 Giants list (2 pp.) on the last leaf.


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Hi folks,

Bill Hornick reported this: 

"While adding Resistance, Rebellion, and Death, spine 14, to my inventory, I noticed a difference from 339.1 in spine 13.  Spine 14 has a Camus biography at the end (but no Giants list) plus, in paragraph form, a list of Vintage titles and of ML titles by Camus. " 

I'm wondering if the change occurred in all 14 bindings of this title.  Please check your copies IN BINDING 14 ONLY to see if this bio exists in your copy.

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